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For the first time ever, Ivoclar Vivadent will hold its International Expert Symposium (IES) as an online event. For five days in a row, insights into cutting-edge technologies and first-hand information about the latest developments and trends in the dental world will be presented by 16 dental experts from eight countries. Be at the pulse of the dental world: Immerse yourself in short, exciting lectures that are followed by an interactive panel discussions and benefit from additional deep dive on-demand sessions. Participation in the online event is completely free of charge – so make sure to attend!

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Fixed Prosthetics

ND5+ Value and the principles of ingot selection (Module 4)

Date: 26.05.2020  -  5:00 PM - 6:30 PM (CEST, Berlin)

Nowadays, the choice of the right material for restoring anterior teeth can be still challenging for both the dentist and for the dental technician. On the market we have a large variety of dental materials for prosthetic restorations (metal-ceramics, zirconia, feldspar ceramics, LS2, etc). The parameters that render a material to be fit for an esthetic rehabilitation are: the type of the restoration, the shade of the abutment, the final shade of the restoration and the fracture resistance of the material.

Restoring non-vital teeth through an all-ceramic system can be a big challenge. The final restoration should re-establish the properties of the natural tooth, both as morphology and color, to try to copy it, recovering the initial value and fluorescence starting from the interior of the tooth, using materials that compensate for these dis-coloration. In our practical experience, for good results when restoring non-vital teeth where the abutment shade is ND5+ or more, we had established a dentist – dental technician working protocol when using e.max system – the most complex and complete system of our days.

Trainer:   Florin Stoboran
Format: Live Webinar

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Fixed Prosthetics

Colour your life with Power – explanation of ingots case by case (Module 5)

Date: 27.05.2020  -  5:00 PM - 6:30 PM (CEST, Berlin) 

Based on episode 4 "ND5+ Value and the principles of ingot selection" where I explain the importance of the correct selection of ingots according to the case – the shade of the abutment – thickness – preparation, I will exemplify through a clinical case each separate ingot and zirconium oxide disc.

In order to obtain esthetic results in harmony with the natural light and of a balanced relation between value and shade it is very important to do an analysis of the prosthetic case that is to be rehabilitated. Therefore, irrespective of the desired color and translucency, irrespective of the thickness of the primary structure, in the case of different types of preparations, or irrespective of the issue of deepness we face, of the transparency or difficulty of the shade in minimal spaces, once we decipher these parameters we should be able to choose correctly the material and the right technique for the final restoration. As a consequence, it is very important to know to choose and use ingots with different opacities and translucencies, finding the ideal balance between opacity and value even in difficult shade situations, in minimal spaces, or balancing of the layers of incisal and dentin compensating through structure in case the space we can make use of is generous.

Trainer: Florin Stoboran
Format:   Live Webinar

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